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Story of The Boss Baby 2 Family Business

Release Date: 23th July

Ninja babies kids becoming babies are meaningless things I did in 2020. DreamWorks Animation released the first movie for the upcoming movie The Boss Baby. In movie The Boss Baby 2 Family Business Director Tom McGrath. After the great success of the movie Boss Baby 2017 the production company DreamWorks decided to start filming a sequel, named The Boss Baby 2 Family Business which was originally scheduled to premiere in March 2021
Year    :   2021
By    :   United Atates of America
Slogan    :   «Some assembly required»
Genre    :   Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
Time    :   1h 30min. / 2:10
Budget    :   $160 000 000
Age    :   1+

Rating:   IMDb  / 8.5

The Boss Baby 2 Family Business Full Movie Plot Outline

The motto “The Boss Baby 2 Family Business” is usually a good idea in sports, but not necessarily when it is put before artistic creation. There are exceptions, as Tom McGrath, the director among other animated titles of the Madagascar trilogy, knows well, in which he knew how to explore and take that concept to the extreme, improving each successive entry in the saga until landing on the frenzied absurdity of the third chapter, which was happily closer to the slapstick surrealism of a Warner cartoon than any other format in use. The same is not the case with the gleaming sequel to his previous one of his A Boss in Diapers. On the contrary, it is such a bogus film, so “we move things all the time, that people get bored”, that the result is an unnecessarily suffocating story. The original concept (the baby of the family is actually the envoy of a secret corporation who talks, wears a suit and only has a cigar missing in his mouth) is repeated again, even at the risk of losing its scarce originality (Does anyone remember Mira who speaks?).

In Boss in Diapers 2: Family Business, time has passed and Tim (voiced by James Marsden), the elder brother of the once-baby entrepreneur, is now a husband and father of a family self-conscious about the emotional maturation of his ten-year-old daughter. . The other one is just a baby, peeeeeeeero… That’s right: the miraculous trick happens again. As of the revelation, the one who comes to visit is Tim’s little brother, Ted (again Alec Baldwin), totally amnesiac about his past as a member of The Baby Corp, although there is nothing that a little trip to the headquarters cannot reverse. . And ready. With that prologue, all the pawns are ready for another adventure in diapers, which starts with a chase through the streets of the city with high doses of destruction. And that he continues in a school for super smart kids or on the way to being so, a front for an evil doctor Armstrong (the voice belongs to Jeff Goldblum) whose intention is more or less to cancel the adults and take over the world from the high chair. . In short, a world without childhood.

Broadly speaking, if something differentiates DreamWorks’ animated productions from Pixar’s, it is their emphasis on feverish movement, with narrative structures less tied to the three traditional acts, closer to a summation of sequences intertwined by a dramatic arc of weight. feather. When everything works, as in Madagascar 3, the results are bold and exhilarating; when not, as in this case, the parts do not come together in a completely satisfactory story. Of course, the technique is great and the use of colors superlative, and there are several very effective sequences and gags. But neither the messages about overcoming inner fears or the importance of the bond between siblings, nor the insistence on making visual and sound noise all the time are convincing. And yes, having a toy abandoned in the attic, the filmmakers could not miss the opportunity to make an indirect joke with the characters of the Toy Story saga. But that is another story.

  • Director: Tom McGrath
  • Writers: Marla Frazee
  • Production companies: DreamWorks Animation
  • Country: Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom Production


The babies are back this summer. Judging from the content in the new The Boss Baby 2 Family Business, the long-awaited sequel will be full of action and crazy storylines.

The new film will be released this summer and will also premiere on streaming service Peacock. A month before the release, DreamWorks announced a new trailer that made everyone excited. Baby: Family Business” launched online on Wednesday morning, giving fans of the series a glimpse of the story of the sequel.

This time, Ted and Tim are parents, not children, but they are given a formula that can restore their childhood Get used to helping with top secret missions. Alec Baldwin and James Marsden will play Ted and Tim Templeton, respectively, while Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel will once again voice their parents.

However, since Since the first The Boss Baby 2 Family Business was released, time has passed and Tim and Ted have grown up. Eva Longoria plays Tim’s wife Carol. Amy Sedaris plays The couple’s youngest daughter, Tina. Ariana Greenblatt talks with Tina’s 7-year-old sister Tabitha. Jeff Goblen talks with the villain doctor in the movie.

Edwin · Armstrong.Tom McGrath redirects The Boss Baby 2 Family Business and Michael McCullers rewrites the script. In 2017, the two produced the first Boss Baby movie based on Marla Frazi’s book. “It was originally scheduled to be released at the end of 2021, but its release date has been postponed to July 2 last month. At that time, Universal and DreamWorks announced that the new film would be released at the same time as “Peacock.”

Tim and Ted come back to tell us why we shouldn’t go back to the movies, at least until there is an antidote for Covid19. They are all grown up, and that was when Ted was super outstanding. As an insurance agent, Tim is now a family man with a cute toddler named Tina.

There is a secret hidden under her diaper: she is the new boss. It’s a child again. The Boss Baby 2 Family Business that’s it. Boss baby: family business / United States, 2021. Director: Tom McGrath. Script: Tom McGrath, Michael McCullers, Mara Frazier. Editors: Mary Bly, Mark A.Esther. Music: Steve Mazzaro, Hans Zimmer. Dubbing: Alec Baldwin, James Madsen, Amy Cedarius, Eva Longoria, Jeff Goblen, Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy Kimmel. Duration: 107 minutes. Distribution partner: UIP. Evaluation: No.

Our view: The sequel to “The Boss Baby 2 Family Business” published by DreamWorks and directed by Tom McGrath (Madagascar) manages to dress up the crazy Marx Brothers universe under the guise of children’s adventures.

The Boss Baby 2 Family Business who ever thought of it? Crazy and crazy comedy here reverses the rise of classic comedy, combining a certain degree of antics, crazy chasing, loud falling and some apocalyptic pranks to build a universe where everything is possible, because babies are the rulers.

This story also has some sentimentality. The narrator in the first part, Tim Templeton, grew up as a family man and took care of his two young daughters, while his wife worked outside. However, his family life is still satisfactory. He has a spirit: the distance between him and his younger brother Ted, he is now a successful CEO, full of meetings and commitments.

The mission of the new “little boss” is not only to defeat cute villains, but also to unite with things that have separated their adult lives. In addition to the nonsense of storytelling and the conventions of animation, the film also supports the debauchery that fuels its universe. In the extravagant time trial between the two school brothers, driving their ponies to sweep everything away, while the 3D moviegoers watching the movie they were watching walked out of the screen and sat comfortably in their seats. “Too real!” he exclaimed when the intruder dragged him out of the room. This is the spirit of “Diaper Boss 2”, such a real adventure, nothing.

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